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T-YOU; the Dating Game So This Sexy Surprise Wasn't, Really

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; the Dating Game So This Sexy Surprise Wasn't, Really

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To our readers: We want your submissions for our new T-YOU features. For The Dating Game, send us a note about a funny event, happy ending or "war story" from the frontlines of your past or present dating life. Tell us your brief tale of mirth, joy or woe, and perhaps let us know what you took away from the experience. Here's a recent submission to The Dating Game:



About seven years ago, I had been dating a nice fellow named Tom. I invited him to my house for a home-cooked dinner. I had learned in passing that he was fond of pecan pie and I made a point of baking one from scratch for him.

I am a good cook, and making a great meal is a form of recreation for me. I was having a blast cooking away, knowing that I was going to knock Tom's socks off when he came in the house. Oh, the wonderful scents!

My kitchen was a busy place as I had several things going on at once. I kind of like it like this. I get a secret kick out of how I can juggle everything, planning it all just right so that everything is ready at the same time.

I have a commercial Kitchen Aide mixer that I love, but the big machine is quite heavy. I keep it in one place on my counter and work with it from there. Its place of honor was directly below a wall-hung cabinet, with a nice amount of space for me to add ingredients into the mixer's bowl. Last thing to make was the pecan pie. I poured the items to be mixed in the bowl and let it rip. CLINK! Odd, I thought in passing, of the metallic clink. How did my mixing beaters get out of sync? This quick thought sashayed in and out of my busy noggin.

I poured the batter into the waiting pie shell and slid it into the hot oven with satisfied contentment. This was going to be good. I bake a great pecan pie.

Tom came over and we had a wonderful dinner. Pleasant company and great conversation went perfectly with the fine meal. For dessert, I served coffee and pecan pie. Our Thanksgiving dinner could not have been any better. …

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