Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Rants & Raves; One Reader's Respect for Police Has Faded T-YOU

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Rants & Raves; One Reader's Respect for Police Has Faded T-YOU

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Yes, police officers do put their lives on the line every day, but so do a lot of other people with other professions. I used to respect police officers before one gave my mom a ticket on the last day of the month so he would meet his quota. Or before they shot a black man 41 times because he was reaching for his wallet. Or before they savagely beat to a pulp a 61-year-old retired black man. Or before I visited the jail and saw how degradingly they treat human beings. Or before they got away with many vicious crimes in storm-devastated New Orleans by using the excuse, "We were under a lot of stress." I used to respect police officers, when Sami Safar was alive.


It seems incredible to me that the preacher who dumped those unwanted puppies out in the woods thinks that's the right thing to do. Do the people to whom he's preaching believe that is the right thing to do, too? That's incredible!


Draw and publish a cartoon that is offensive to Islam and you get rioting and righteous indignation. Where was the Muslim outrage when planes loaded with innocent men, women and children were flown into the World Trade Center towers, killing thousands? Where was the Muslim outrage when hostages were taken and beheaded? Oh, that's right, they were "infidels," so it's OK. I guess we need to be a little more understanding of their faith.


I want to rave about something. I want to say to Mr. Ray Edwards, manager at Publix, 12620 Beach Blvd., that he knows his business and he knows how to run it. He knows how to hire employees. I am a disabled person. When I go there, I am treated like royalty. It's so clean and cool. The employees are so courteous, they just take over and stop to help me. There are no bugs or flies to fight for the veggies and fruit. Congratulations, Mr. Edwards, for a job well done.


This is in response to the writer who wants to just get his change back, and doesn't want waitresses to ask him if he needed change. These people are busy. If the change that is left over looks to be about a 15 or 20 percent tip, then she asks that question so that she doesn't have to go back and get change and bring it back to the table, just so that you'll leave it there. She's asking that question to save steps, and to serve other customers in a more timely fashion. I think you should leave her alone and let her do her job.


Here's a message for the smoker who whines: "Just give it a rest." The choice to smoke is your own to make, but realize it is a habit that affects those around you, from minor annoyance to medical problems such as acute asthma attacks. Also, if I choose to eat fast food it won't give the guy next to me diabetes or high blood pressure. …

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