Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

At Last, Nostalgia How It Should Be

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

At Last, Nostalgia How It Should Be

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Kings Of Glam/Seven Stupidest Things To Escape From 10.35, BBC1 / 10.35, Channel 4

BARELY a week goes by without yet another rummage around the recent past, reminding us of dodgy clothes and almost-remembered TV clips. This kind of telly is rarely done well. Voiceovers try way too hard to be smirkingly cynical, and you're lucky if you've heard of any of the talking heads. But this portrait of glam-rock heroes is affectionately engaging.

It looks back at David Bowie, Slade, Elton John, Bryan Ferry, Marc Bolan and Suzi Quatro.

Not all strictly "glam rockers", but they were undeniably influential. And most of the talking heads actually knew the profiled stars (Slade's Noddy Holder and Quatro also pop up themselves).

The programme also attempts to tell each idol's story. It's nothing fans won't already know (and David Bowie deserves a whole series), but trying to broaden the scope of reminiscence away from weird wardrobes and favourite songs must be applauded. Although you can't totally ignore the stagewear. "I used to walk through Woolworths with strange clothes on to see if people noticed me," says Dave Hill of Slade. But if you want something really silly, on Channel 4 there's a strange programme in which Jonathan Goodwin performs seven oddball escapology stunts - including being tied to a shopmobility cart which drives itself off Bognor Regis pier. It's much sillier than you might expect.

Timewatch: Missing In Action

9pm, BBC2

Hooray - no rubbishy reconstructions. Mind you, tonight's story is about the US air campaign in Vietnam, and one suspects the BBC historicalreenactment budget wouldn't stretch to a mid-air dogfight. This documentary follows an American military unit whose mission is to identify and bring home personnel missing in action. (Cases can be closed only when human remains are found and identified. …

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