Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Rants & Raves; Racism Persists Because Government Does Not Help T-YOU

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Rants & Raves; Racism Persists Because Government Does Not Help T-YOU

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Year after year, racism stays active. Why? I think that most whites will accept people as people, regardless of their race. . . . Affirmative action does not work, will not work and does not give people respect for their accomplishments. How can anyone have respect if they are where they are only because of their race? The government is the one responsible for racism with its diversity, quotas and other programs that promote based on color. Let's put everybody on the same page and let your abilities, sacrifices and hard work be the guidelines for advancement, not race.


How can a noose not be construed as racial? This is not the old West. And I'm white.


Regarding teacher pay -- it's amazing the things people will say before they actually "do their homework!" Oh wait, I forgot. Some of us are too busy to even check our child's agenda to see if they even have homework. Some of us are too busy to make that 7:55 conference their child's teacher has tried to set month after month. Some of us are too busy to read with our children, write with our children, encourage our children to study or even just ask, "Son/Daughter, how was your day at school?" It is amazing how many people in this county, state and country are so quick to put the teaching profession down before they get the facts.


I am concerned, of course, about the leasing of ports to a borderline nation. But I'm more concerned about a president who will make secret deals with those companies. We have a president who believes he is above the law. He monitors phone conversations without a warrant. He issues statements on new bills, saying in effect this bill does not apply to the president. We need a president responsible to our people.


I would like the problem addressed for getting help for medication in this state. Everywhere I go, they recommend me to Shands Jacksonville. Shands won't take me or do anything for me. . . . I've talked to other people about this, and I just wonder what we're supposed to do.


I must respond to the person who said Sandalwood High School and Landmark Middle School were two of the most dangerous schools in the nation. You stated that you have worked in the school system for a long time. I retired after teaching school for 33 years -- the last 30 years at Sandalwood. During that time, I never felt unsafe or threatened. I agree that 59 arrests and 88 fights are too many, but let's look at percentages as well as numbers. Sandalwood has about 3,200 students, the most in the county. The 59 arrests represent 1.8% of the student population. Therefore, 98.2% of the students are not breaking the law. I wonder what percent of the general adult population were arrested in the same time frame. …

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