Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Practice of Female Circumcision

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

The Practice of Female Circumcision

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Byline: Phillip Milano


I understand female circumcision is mandatory in many Middle East countries. Is it practiced in the United States and other non-Muslim countries?

Jerry, 63, Catholic,

Marco Island


"Female circumcision" is actually genital mutilation. It is not common in Western countries. It leaves the woman virtually unable to enjoy sexual intercourse and usually makes it a painful and frightening experience.

J. McLain, 46, Christian male,


Islam frowns very much upon this practice. In the Koran where sexual relations between husband and wife are discussed, it is made clear that a man must make it his priority to (completely) satisfy his wife before he himself is satisfied. This clearly would go against any such butchering of the female body that would prevent her from attaining intimate release.

Jen H., 19, Muslim,

Clark, N.J.

I'm an OB-GYN, so I've seen a fair bit of this. It is done here but not too commonly, and in secret. Most people have it done to their daughters before moving to the United States, or on trips home.

Deborah, 37, Fairfield, Calif.

No one in my family has received a female circumcision. In some African tribes, this is a ritual, but nowhere in Islam does it mention this topic.

Mariam, Muslim,

Arlington, Va.

This is a cultural practice attributed to Islam to provide religious justification for its continuation.

Glenn, 48, Christian, Turkey


Female Genital Cutting, or FGC (many women who've undergone it dislike the term Female Genital Mutilation) may have its roots in ancient Egypt. …

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