Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Charming Family Echo the Good Life; STAYING IN

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Charming Family Echo the Good Life; STAYING IN

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It's Not Easy Being Green 8pm, BBC2

THESE days, television companies produce so many reality shows that the schedules are getting as clogged as arteries on a Supersize Me diet.

So, let's just say a big thank-you for one thing: the Strawbridge family.

This jolly band of four (plus friends) are the stars of this new, seven-part reality series about living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. And they make a programme idea that sounds dreary and holier-than-thou into a joyous and infectiouslyenthusiastic programme.

Goodness, it even had me thinking I'd like to be out there in the countryside joining in.

The series follows the Strawbridges as they move into a dilapidated farm in Cornwall and set out to achieve "a more sustainable, planet-loving life".

The man behind this is dad Dick, an engaging man with a larger-than-life personality, and an even larger moustache.

He's into the project because he likes the technical stuff (heat exchangers and all that), is keen to raise animals and enjoys bossing other people around.

Then there's his lovely wife, Brigit, who is a bit of a hippy.

Their children are... well, their children are there to do what their father tells them, it seems.

Tonight, we see the gang build a new greenhouse with a selfsufficient heating system, set up solar-powered hot water and welcome two young pigs to the farm. The programme is a lot more entertaining than that description makes it sound, and the good thing is that while it gently reminds us how we could make our lives a little more green, it is never worthy or preachy.

It makes the whole enterprise look appealing and fun.

Adopt-A-Grandad 9pm, Channel 4

Inspired by an Italian 80-year-old who advertised for a family to adopt him, this first of two films does the same thing in this country.

Retired teacher James is 85 and, with no children of his own, could do with a family. "I'm alone now, I've got nobody," he says.

Single mother Angela has four lively children in need of a positive male role model. So why not bring them together?

Will they make a happy family unit?

Or, after dealing with youngsters aged from 18 to baby, will James be desperate to be alone again?

No Angels 10pm, Channel 4

So Anji (Sunetra Sarker, pictured) is back from India, she's pregnant and there's one thing she needs: a father for the child. And where better to find one than in her little black book? She is soon sifting through her old flames to find someone suitable to be told they're the dad. Meanwhile, the wonderful Beth deliberately glues herself to a male patient, in order to drive his jealous girlfriend wild. It's all in a day's work.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 9pm, Five

If you're thinking of enjoying supper while watching this, you might want to think again - Catherine and Brass get involved in the gruesome world of competitive eating. …

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