Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Immigration Reform Favored Few Oppose Legislation to Increase Border Security, Toughen Laws

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Immigration Reform Favored Few Oppose Legislation to Increase Border Security, Toughen Laws

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The Times-Union asked readers whether they supported the proposed legislation to increase border security and toughen laws against illegal immigration. About 70 people responded, with only a small percentage against the proposal. Below is a sampling of some of the comments.


I believe that illegal immigrants contribute to greater traffic congestion, higher medical cost, higher school costs and more crime (gangs).

I would deport the lot of them, no amnesty. . . . We should not offer legal American citizenship status to children born here when the parent is here illegally.

I would fine any employer say, $10,000 for any illegal worker found working for them.

. . . Do "we" need illegals to do certain jobs? Maybe. But if none are available, the job may not be done. Some business might not exist. I might have to pay more for things. So, I have 10 shirts hanging in my closet instead if 15. Big deal.

Donal Ellington, St. Augustine


I say let anyone in who wants to come. I don't want to pick peaches for a living, do you?

Barbara Martin, Jacksonville


We need to recognize why illegals choose to cross our borders and enact measures to counter those attractions. The principal enticement is financial -- for employers to hire low-wage employees and for illegals to earn high wages. To break that cycle, we need to discipline the identification process and enforce it. This may mean accepting higher food prices.

There's also the enticement of benefits such as education and medical care. A pregnant illegal can come over the border and give birth, leaving us with the conundrum of deporting the parents of a minor U.S. citizen. Maybe it's time we considered the possibility of amending the Constitution to preclude rewarding crime with the "right" of citizenship.

Howard Sculthorpe, Jekyll Island


These people are here in America illegally. They must be rounded up and deported to where ever they came from. There is an immigration policy to enter and become a citizen of the United States. That policy must be followed.

A wall must be built on the American/Mexico border and manned by the border patrol using what ever it takes to keep these people out. If they cross the wall, they should be shot.

William J. Tender, Ponte Vedra Beach


I do not agree that individual aliens, who come over our borders illegally, should be granted citizenship based on a demand of cheap labor. I find it scary, in fact, that they have entered many regions around the country. I, for one, suggest they all be bused out of here with their families in tow. . . . People who defend these illegal aliens need to understand they are making it easier for our enemies around the world to see how messed up this country already is. …

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