Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Billie Just Loves Life with the Time Lord

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Billie Just Loves Life with the Time Lord

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Byline: By Graham Kibble-White

Let's indulge in a spot of time travel.

Setting our own Tardis's co-ordinates for Cardiff, Tuesday March 28, 2006, we arrive at Wales' impressive Millennium Centre to find a preview screening room packed with journalists. They're enthusiastically applauding the end credits to the latest episode of Doctor Who.

Entitled New Earth, the adventure ( on BBC One tonight ( sees the Doctor (David Tennant) and Rose (Billie Piper) stumble upon a plague farm run by evil cat people, and encounter an old enemy, Cassandra (Zoe Wanamaker).

In a typically sci-fi turn of events, the vain last human alive takes control of Rose's body, allowing Billie the opportunity to vamp it up as a "posh bad girl."

"I love it," laughs the 23-year-old actress, when asked how she enjoyed playing the possessed Rose. "Love the posh bad girl."

Alongside co-star David Tennant, she's facing down a tidal wave of questions at the post-screening press conference. "It was really fun," continues Billie, "but I was a bit nervous because it was quite a departure from how I normally play Rose."

With David chuckling away beside her, it's obvious there's chemistry between the two.

"Fortunately, we get along," she says when asked what it's like to work together. And this is despite the fact he's just made a crack about her flatulence being the biggest problem on set. "It really is!" she confirms, with a laugh.

"We all get along on the show and we need to, really, because it's long months and it's quite intense. We're shooting 13-hour days, so you're thrown together all the time."

Then, turning to David, she says: "I feel like I've made a friend for life. I see you more than I see my family or my boyfriend."

It's an arrangement that seems to suit Billie's mother quite well. She, too, has taken rather a shine to David.

In this episode, the Doctor and Rose's relationship takes another twist, as the two lock lips.

It's the second time the plucky companion has played tonsil tennis with the Time Lord, following her clinch with Christopher Eccleston's incarnation last year. …

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