Revealed: The 'Sermons of Hate' by London's New Extremist Preacher

Article excerpt


A BRITISH-BORN Muslim extremist has taken over from Omar Bakri Mohammad as the leader of a radical group that praised the London bombers.

Omar Brooks, now known as Abu Izzadeen, who lives in Leyton, has given hate-filled sermons - including one in London in which he discussed killing Tony Blair.

The 31-year-old convert's preachings have been posted on the website of the radical Saved Sect, formed from the remnants of disbanded extremist group al-Muhajiroun.

In the past, Izzadeen has described the 7 July attacks as "completely praiseworthy" and organised demonstrations in support of the September 11 attacks in America.

In his lectures - entitled The Christian Crusades parts 1 and 2, given last month - Izzadeen said a war was being fought to make Islamic war "completely dominant" in Britain.

He added that "all Jews and Christians are going to hell fire". "There is a war here [in Britain]. Maybe you don't have weapons, but there are arrests against the Muslim community, there is brutality by the police. It is a form of war against the Muslims here as well.

"If I said to you 'we're going to conquer Rome', or if I said to you 'we're going to kill George Bush and we're going to kill Tony Blair', you would say to me 'which comes first bro?'."

He added that Muslims did not "need to stand by the British flag".

He said: "There is without doubt a war taking place between the Muslims and the non-Muslims... you must take part in the struggle.

"Tony Blair is a taghoot [believer of false religions].

The British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, the police in the UK - they are all fighting for the sake of taghoot. …


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