Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Maybe 'At the Same Time?'

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Maybe 'At the Same Time?'

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City Councilman Art Shad doesn't want to confuse any voters.

Shad met Tuesday with Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland and Councilwoman Sharon Copeland, who is sponsoring a bill to let voters decide whether to eliminate spring elections of city officials.

Instead, the elections would take place in the fall, when state and federal officials are elected.

The proposed ballot language says the elections would be held "contemporaneously," an adverb Shad found too difficult for most. He turned to three reporters covering the meeting for synonyms, with no luck.

Deputy General Counsel Steve Rohan suggested they turn to for a new word.

Good idea.

That site offered "combined," "concurrently," "in concert," "jointly" and "simultaneously."

Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus suggested simply "together."


Former state Sen. Betty Holzendorf visited the City Council chamber last week to lobby against the elections referendum.

Although she acknowledged the city would save money -- estimated at $2.7 million over four years -- she said there's no public outcry to change the elections.

Not to mention the glut of political ads.

"You can imagine that you'll never watch television again because it will be full of ads," she said.


A bid to allow the Main Library to host functions with alcohol ran into trouble last week.

Councilman Richard Clark said he's fine with opening the conference space for private events, but booze shouldn't be permitted.

Martha Shirko, a library volunteer, disagreed, saying the prohibition would harm the library's ability to attract private parties and compete against other downtown venues.

Clark wasn't buying it.

"You go to a library because it's a quiet place, and it's a nice facility," he said. …

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