Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Sure Cures for Whatever It Is That's Got You Down

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Sure Cures for Whatever It Is That's Got You Down

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Byline: Laura Capitano

Are you feeling bummed out? Overworked? Unloved? Here are a few Capitano-tested, medication-free ways to get your mood back up to where it should be: This could be the most appropriately named destination on the Web. The cuteness factor for this showcase of heart-melting animal imagery is so sky high, not even the grumpiest Gus could get an eyeful without cocking his head to the side and saying, "Awwwww!" New furry faces are posted to the site each day, and old photos are archived by subject, so you can browse through pups, kitties, birds, farm animals and even "Cats 'n' Racks" (close-ups of kitties cradled against the bosoms of their female owners).

On really bleak mornings, it's best to check out "The Coveted Cuteness Trifecta." Pictures here satisfy at least three rules of cuteness, and they typically include small ear-to-head ratio, animals wearing clothes and inter-species bonding. Viva la cute.

The Sampler: Women pay dearly for "free" samples. $24.50 for Lancome lip gloss seems justified when accompanied with a few bonus cosmetic counter minis. I suggest that women who have this "Oooh! Look at all this fun new stuff!" reaction over samples go ahead and order a Sampler subscription at

Product samples from crafty businesses are funneled to Sampler headquarters, where items are compiled into batches of 15-or-so items and sold in one- or three-month subscriptions ($23/$53 - I recommend the three-month).

The arrival of my first Sampler certainly spiced up the otherwise mundane mail drop. Credit card offers and pizza coupons fell to the floor as I tore open the envelope and started loading my fingers with rings and my ears with beaded hoops. Also included were gift tags, greeting cards with envelopes, stickers, magnets, massage oil, buttons, a book mark, patches and potpourri. …

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