Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

For Lesbians, Is It Only All about Sex?

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

For Lesbians, Is It Only All about Sex?

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Byline: Phillip Milano


My wife is in her 40s and until recently was never approached by lesbians in her workplace. They know she is married with a family, but now they are relentless in pursuing her sexually (she thinks it is rather exciting to be noticed). Not only are extramarital affairs wrong, but breaking up a family for your own ends is even worse. Is the lesbian community all about sex only?

Jack, 41, Lubbock, Texas


As a rule, no. Yeah, we like sex, but usually it's about the emotional aspect. This is one of the reasons homosexuality makes more sense to me than straight sex. Women know what women like, and men know what men like.

Dwanny, 51, lesbian, Springtown, Texas

You cannot judge a whole group of people by what some in that group do. My husband has been hit on by black women, white women, younger women and older women. But I still can't conclude that all women are that way. However, sexual harassment by anyone (lesbian or otherwise) at work is against the law, and your wife needs to report it. Work is no place to be sexually pursued relentlessly.

M.G., 30, female, Jacksonville

Lesbians as a group are just like any other group: full of many different people with very different attitudes. If your wife is encountering a lesbian who seems overly interested in sex, I would attribute her behavior only to her as a person, not to all lesbians in general.

Amy, 20, bisexual,

College Park, Md.


Catch the "she thinks it is rather exciting to be noticed" part of Jack's question?

So did Suzanne Westenhoefer, a self-described "femmy lezzie" comedian (whether she could pass for a hot soccer mom in the school parent pickup line is entirely up to you - visit www. …

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