Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poets' Corner

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Tale of a passer by

I was walking down the road one day, the sun was shining bright

And lots of little children were playing in its light

And as I walk within their happiness and joy

I spied a lonely child, an unhappy little boy

The tears were rolling down his cheeks in endless broken streams

Something had come along and ended all his dreams

As I walked across to him and sat down by his side

To ask if I could be of help a littler smile he could not hide

He looked at me with wonder through sad and tear-stained eyes

Then asked me if I knew why do all the birds fly

They fly because they are happy and singing morning songs

Way up in the blue sky's as the white clouds troll along

He asked me why the flowers open in the spring

To feel the warming sunshine and give light to everything

I told him of the joy and happiness to all thing they can bring

He asked me why angels had soft and snowy wings,

And why the demon forces were thick and bony things

The only wisdom I could give him why angels had soft and snowy wings

Was to talk to all the light and happiness they bring

And it is easier to fall from Heaven than to fly out of the dark pit of Hell

And with this he smiled and thanked me with a little warming grin

And off he went to play with all the happy children once again.

TOM KENNEDY, Shaw Gardens, Wardley.

Ode to the mighty Tyne

Time and tide relentless, silent, powering itself towards the mighty ocean,

Observing, never judging, on its journey through many lives in its discordant motion,

By day in varied weather, by boat or ship, tall vessels, through

Discoloured blue and floating debris, others grime,

Ever, ever onward, coursing through the city's heart, a knife-thrust that is the Tyne,

Nightly reverie, of land and seascape, where work in the city is cast aside,

Laughter, food and drink, bright lights welcoming evening visitors to the quayside,

Buildings towering overhead, structures steeped in history, of a glorious past,

Ship and land lights displaying a radiance, where once mariners stood under each towering mast,

Bridges, one after the other, spanning the waterway, dark, deep, and dangerous, yet sublime,

A separation of Newcastle and Gateshead? …

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