Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-You: JCCI Reducing Violence Study

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-You: JCCI Reducing Violence Study

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The Times-Union asked readers whether the Jacksonville Community Council Inc.'s Reducing Violence: A Community Response study was on the right track emphasizing prevention over intervention in its preliminary draft report. Here are some of their responses.


Jacksonville police should devote less resources to traffic enforcement and increase police presence in volatile neighborhoods.

Nathan Tocco, Jacksonville Beach


Jacksonville's murder rate continues to rise and frustration mounts as the community points fingers in every direction but the right one. Political correctness forbids it, so we continue to ignore the source of all the problems -- black culture.

Everybody loves Oprah, but the black middle class has fled to the suburbs leaving most poor black communities to scurrilous politicians who embrace the cult of victimization and the last crippling vestiges of slavery in order to promote themselves. Locally, Pat Lockett-Felder and Corrine Brown have carved out careers devoid of character that exploit the ignorance and poverty of their constituents for self-aggrandizement.

Clearly, we must end political correctness and start a frank discussion. No more wasted spending on yet another repetitive study that sweeps the real problem under the carpet and offers no solutions. The black culture that grew out of the '60s disrespects education, grammatical English and has no sense of shame. It constantly demands respect. If not given, murder for minor slights is the result.

We need to deal more honestly with the real problem and forget political correctness. Most murders occur in the black community. To stop it, we must really examine black culture. Real fathers are necessary to stop the killing as most killers and victims are black men who never had one.

The black community is desperate for leadership and honesty.

Constance Stumin, Jacksonville Beach


David Kennedy has an excellent recommendation regarding the urgent need for black community leaders to cry out publicly against the crime of murder. Historic Judeo-Christian principles confirm that the lack of such outcry accommodates and fuels more heinous crimes in our society. …

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