Is Your Data Security Good Enough?

Article excerpt

Information is widely regarded as the life-blood of modern business, so it is no wonder that UK companies continue to be increasingly reliant on the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data.

These pressing issues are made more pertinent by the increasingly complex laws, regulations and standards of the European Commission, UK Government and US Government are introducing. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, UK Data Protection Act, ISO 17799 and Basel II are but a few of the standards being enforced that impact on businesses.

However, compliance with these standards is not only becoming a legal necessity but is also good business practice. For example, good information handling can enhance your business' reputation by increasing customer and employee confidence and by reducing the risk of complaints being made against you.

Security of your data is a big part of becoming a compliant organisation. Approximately one third of all UK businesses have had a security incident that has involved loss of data and very few businesses will actually survive this loss.

Maitland Hyslop, strategic development director at leading Internet solutions group, the Onyx Group, said: "Adhering to these regulations and becoming a compliant company makes great business sense. …


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