Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Little Brit Puts His Big Heart on Show

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Little Brit Puts His Big Heart on Show

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Sports Relief: Little Britain's Big Swim

8pm, BBC1

THIS is the story of how David Walliams, of Little Britain fame, came to swim the Channel. I was expecting some jokey-pokey, lightweight celebrity programme.

But not a bit of it. We get a compelling and heartfelt documentary following Walliams throughout the build-up to his gruelling swim.

Of course, most people thought he was mad. Comedy partner Matt Lucas, who narrates the programme, says: "He told me it would be nine months of intensive training. I told him, 'More like nine months of intensive care'."

We follow Walliams's training regime, which - just to make it tougher - coincides with the Little Britain tour. Every morning, even after a show, he gets up and swims 200 lengths.

We also see footage of backstage at the shows and in front of audiences.

Plus the frankest and most open portrait of Walliams.

He looks back to earlier days: "I was overweight at school and I wasn't really good at sport. But swimming was the one thing I could do," as well as sharing his hopes and (mainly) fears: "I am really scared about it. People are going to see me cold and tired and in pain. It's putting over a sort of naked, vulnerable part of yourself. And I am not used to doing that. I am used to hiding behind characters."

It does show a vulnerable side.

But it also shows a remarkable strength of character.

A fascinating portrait.

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