Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

We'll Bring Up Boat Disaster Orphans as My Sister Wanted

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

We'll Bring Up Boat Disaster Orphans as My Sister Wanted

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THEY left the Home Counties with their young family hoping to build a better future abroad - and Lucinda and Jason Brett quickly grew to love their new life in Bahrain.

He had a high-powered job as an engineering consultant, helping build one of the island's myriad new skyscrapers.

With their two young sons, they enjoyed a busy life with friends from the expat community.

But the couple drowned, along with 56 others, when the pleasure boat Al-Dana capsized in March.

They left behind Louis, two, and his 19-month-old brother Ethan.

Now the orphans are being brought up by Mrs Brett's 24-yearold sister Julia Viner.

Today Mrs Viner - who married her fiancee Paul, 34, last week - and Mrs Brett's mother Theresa Lamb told how they are trying to raise the two boys just as their mother would have wanted.

Mrs Viner said: "Lucinda was a health freak - she loved to keep herself healthy as well as her boys.

We want to bring them up in the same way - in fact they don't like chocolate but they love strawberries and raspberries."

Mrs Lamb added: "Both boys were told immediately what had happened to their parents. We thought it best that we were honest-and explained it to them simply-Their other grandmother Ro Brett told them, as she was a teacher so has dealt with children all her life.

"It was also a weight off for me as I think I would have found it too difficult.

"Ethan is still too young but Louis asks questions all the time especially when we're in Lucinda and Jason's home in France, where there are lots of pictures around.

"He'll say, 'That's daddy's car,' or 'That's mummy's dress.' He always sees things in a positive light.

"With Ethan there was some initial confusion as to why mummy and daddy weren't around but as he's so young he doesn't really have many memories of them which is a shame but he will always be told about his mum and dad. …

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