Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Your Exercise Excuses Will Be Stripped Away

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Your Exercise Excuses Will Be Stripped Away

Article excerpt

Byline: Laura Capitano

So, I have stripper knees. Both are patched with shades of black, blue and brown, the discoloring exaggerated by the shadows and contours characteristic of the knobbiest of body parts.

I picked up my case of stripper knees from crawling oh-so-slowly, back arched, abs tight, across a dance floor with a troupe of women likewise working it to the thumps and grinds of the sultry classic You Give Me Fever.

No, I haven't turned to exotic dancing to supplement my meager journalist's income, I've just been trying Strip2Fit Aerobics as a way to spice up my exercise regimen.

Don't be alarmed at the "strip" part of the class name. No one peels down her sparkling Flirt exotic wear to prance around in a neon G-string, though the instructor does make occasional clothing removal recommendations for in-home use. Rather, the unorthodox fitness class draws women (no boys allowed) in sports tanks and track pants, and the choreographed routines are sexually suggestive in a hip-popping, high school dance team sort of way.

I'm enjoying what likely took place at the dance classes and cheerleading practices I missed during my brooding teen years. There's a strong sense of classmate camaraderie as we all learn a new routine a few steps at a time, then practice to become one undulating chorus line.

The workout initially intimidated me, as I'm sort of known for my tragically unhip dancing and poor coordination. Thankfully, the beginners' classes are true to their name, and the pace of learning is slow enough that someone with no dance experience can roll her hips and grind with the best of them. As your confidence builds, you can move up to intermediate level. The acrobatic and uberdaring can even reserve space in upcoming pole dancing classes.

Sexiness aside, I think Strip2Fit leans more toward a worthwhile workout than a fluffy chick excuse for physical fitness. …

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