Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Reader Reaction Take Back Our Streets by Bringing in National Guard

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Reader Reaction Take Back Our Streets by Bringing in National Guard

Article excerpt

When asked to share what they thought could or should be done about the rise of violent crime in Jacksonville, readers were at no loss for words. Some of the suggestions included increased police patrols, more community involvement and calling in the National Guard.

Among the comments:

"Increased police presence is the greatest deterrent to crime, yet we are overlooking Jacksonville's greatest resource -- its residents. There are thousands of retired police and firefighters and Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard and Air Force veterans who know how to properly use a two-way radio and would readily volunteer a day or two a week to be scheduled by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to assist with patrols or security. All they would need to do is set up a dedicated unpublished phone number to be used only by the volunteers, then the volunteers could use their own cell phones, without [needing] radio training. ... Overnight, the Sheriff's Office could have 5,000 more pairs of eyes available at no salary costs."

Harry C. Rogers, Southside

"My personal opinion on the matter is this: For the most part, people are intelligent, so why not arm them with the most powerful thing a community can arm its citizenry with -- knowledge. The more informed the general public, the better. This only promotes involvement. ... Inform the people, get them involved, make the citizens of this city responsible for this city. We all live here, we all should want it to prosper."

John Simms, Southside

"The citizens need to take back their neighborhoods by reporting all suspicious activity by carrying cell phones and whistles whenever they leave their homes. When a whistle is blown, the police need to be called. The police need to be only minutes away for this plan to work. ..."

Rose Dynoske, Mandarin

"These issues are my opinion:

-- Citizens be more cooperative with police.

-- Parents will have to gain more control of their children beginning at an early age.

-- Gun buyback is a wasted effort (criminals are not going to turn in their guns).

-- Consider a dress code in our public schools (this would eliminate inappropriate dress). …

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