Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

What's in Your Bag?

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

What's in Your Bag?

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AIR travellers now face complicated rules about what they can and cannot take into the cabin. The confusion is exacerbated by different rules for US-bound passengers.

Each passenger can carry on one item of baggage no larger than 45cm in length, 35cm in width and 16cm in depth. No liquids, gels or toothpastes are allowed, except for prescription medicines sufficient for the flight (with proof of authenticity) and baby milk, which must be tested by the accompanying adult.

Passengers flying to the US face extra checks on items bought after checkin.

We asked travellers at Heathrow how they are coping.

Fred Cohan, 53, biology professor, Connecticut.

Destination: Detroit.

What he took on board: computer, book, diary.

What he left in his suitcase: toys for his son, camera, mobile phone, toiletries.

"I would usually take about 20 toys to keep my son happy as he is nine and it's a long flight. In a way having a smaller bag makes it easier. You cut down on things you don't really need."

Susan Cohan, 50, librarian, Connecticut.

Destination: Detroit.

On board: magazine, book, wallet, phone.

In suitcase: makeup, water.

"I am just going to buy things inside the airport. I don't mind cutting down my hand luggage if it will help security."

Donna Slater, 34, teacher, Osterley, Middlesex

Destination: New York JFK.

On board: digital camera, phone, two books, travel documents, passport, pen, purse, tissues, comb.

In suitcase: makeup, moisturiser, water, books, iPod.

"I like to take toiletries on the plane because when I arrive I want to look good. I would also usually take travel books to research where I'm going. I feel sorry for the people who had to travel at the weekend who couldn't take anything on board. "

Anastasia Dorsey, 30, doctor, Russia.

Destination: Phoenix, Arizona.

On board: book, passport, tickets, wallet, sunglasses.

In suitcase: hand lotion, contact lenses, contact lens solution, makeup.

"These restrictions are necessary especially as I'm flying to America."

Lauren-Elle Pon, 17, student, Toronto.

Destination: Toronto.

On board: phone, cash.

In suitcase: laptop, book, cuddly toy to rest her head on. …

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