Impressive Returns from New Portfolio

Article excerpt

A message from Jon Maguire, CEO of Cru Investment Management.

"In May 2005, a new investment portfolio was launched called the Cru Portfolio. Its aim was to return investors the bank base rate plus four percent ( this currently stands at 8.75% per annum.

"To achieve this, the Cru Portfolio undertakes investments that offer a strong growth outlook and restricted access to other investors ( this ensures that Cru's investors enjoy high returns whilst their competitors do not.

"And the results are impressive, with the portfolio gaining over 30% in value since launch and outperforming all competing funds in the process.

"Furthermore, Cru emphasises the outlook for future returns, and again they are pointing to continued growth comfortably ahead of the cash plus 4% target. So what are they investing in? Well this is where they start to stand out from the rest.

"Inside the Cru Portfolio you find investments that have historically been the preserve of the investment banks, such as private equity and private finance. These investments have forecast returns of over 20% per annum and 14% per annum respectively. …


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