Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Arrive Even Earlier to Allow Time for Search

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Arrive Even Earlier to Allow Time for Search

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Q. How early do I need to be at the airport? Why?

The government and travel experts are recommending anywhere from two to three hours before your flight. More bags are being hand-searched, which could make moving through lines take longer. If you're stuck behind a person with a bag full of water bottles, the process is going to stretch on.

Q. Can I get a drink past the security line?

Yes, but don't plan on bringing it on the plane. TSA and airline personnel will be checking to make sure no one tries slipping a bottle of water or a cup of coffee into the airplane cabin with them. Airlines still plan on providing beverage service, with some experts saying the carriers probably will stock more drinks for thirsty travelers.

Q. What if I have to ditch my personal items - like my moisturizer or shampoo?

If you don't check it in your luggage, the hotel at your destination might lend a hand. Omni Hotels, which has 40 hotels including one in Jacksonville, for one is offering its guests complimentary liquid and gel products that they may have had to turn over in airports, like toothpaste, contact lens solution and other cosmetics - including department store brands such as Paul Mitchell and Clinique.

Q.Will the foiled plot alter security procedures at military bases?

Officials from both Jacksonville Naval Air Station and Mayport Naval Station wouldn't comment on any heightened security alerts at the bases. Since 9/11, the Pentagon alerted its facilities worldwide not to comment on force protection issues, especially during times of heightened security in the civilian world. This is mostly so terrorists can't monitor a facility's security alertness., (904) 359-4103


No liquids or gels will be permitted in carry-on baggage. Such items must be checked in, the Transportation Security Administration Web site says. This includes:

-- All beverages

-- Shampoo

-- Suntan lotion

-- Creams

-- Toothpaste

-- Hair gel or mousse

-- Liquid or gel deodorant

-- Nail polish

-- Moisturizer

-- Mouthwash

-- Liquid eyeliner

-- Liquid makeup

-- Liquid-like food items such as applesauce


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