Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Crime That Hits a Little Deeper

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Crime That Hits a Little Deeper

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CSI: Miami 9pm, Five

PREPARE yourself for a heart-pounding ride at the start of this episode of the glossy crime drama. It's where we find forensic detective Eric Delko driving at high-speed with colleague Ryan Wolfe in the passenger seat with a nail sticking out of his eye. Delko is shouting into his radio, "I need all units available for traffic assistance" - which seems a bit unnecessary as he's in a Hummer and driving like a madman. The nail has been deliberately fired at Wolfe. But this is not the main crime of the evening. What the CSI team are really interested in is the murder of a woman, also shot with a nail gun. It doesn't take long to discover the deceased was being divorced by her husband so he could marry a younger, more beautiful woman. But she was refusing to sign the papers. So, instantly we have two suspects. But, as you might expect, it's not long before more emerge. This is a typically slick murder case, with detective Horatio Caine being as hard-bitten as ever.

But it also reveals a bit more about the CSI team: Delko is skipping shifts because of "personal stuff " and Caine mentions the troubling events of 20 years ago that caught up with him in New York last week. However, he talks about it for only 60 seconds.

At this rate it's going to take about another 17 weeks for the whole story to emerge.

Which just happens to take us to the end of the series .

Lost 10pm, Channel 4

Isn't it typical of Lost - weeks go by without much happening and then suddenly all hell breaks loose.

Tonight's episode has a stunningly dramatic ending, but before we get to that there is plenty to keep conspiracy theorists happy.

For example, Henry Gale starts talking, referring to the man in charge of The Others, saying he is "not a forgiving man".

Plus Michael returns from the jungle saying The Others live in tents and eat dried fish. The obligatory flashbacks tell us more about the life of Ana-Lucia who, back on the island, obtains a gun from Sawyer. It is a move she might regret later...

Beginner's Guide To Islam 11pm, Channel 4

And who better to tell us about the rites and rituals of Islam than 17-year-old Peaches Geldof? …

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