Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Voters Will Share in This Disgrace

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Voters Will Share in This Disgrace

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Take a blank sheet of paper, and take a quiet moment to think to yourself while drawing a cross with a pencil.

Make the cross as big or as small as you wish. But as you draw the downward line very slowly, spare a thought for every victim of crime, their families and loved ones, and all the terrible emotional suffering they have gone through. Think about it.

In fact, draw the line even slower if it helps you really put the state of today's communities into perspective. Now draw the horizontal line, and imagine what you would do if your son or daughter came home one evening to announce that he or she had just killed a fellow human being.

Envisage the absolute horror of knowing that not only is your child's life destroyed, but mum's, dad's, brothers' and sisters', aunts' and uncles' lives will never be the same from that moment on. Picture it. It's awful, I know.

But the cross you have just drawn is exactly the same you pencilled in a small box during elections; every minuscule piece of that pencil mark is "you" saying to decision-makers: l give councillors the mandate to do as they please within my community.

It beggars belief, therefore, that society can criticise prisoners who receive paltry sentences or appeal against a sentence as soon as they are thorough the prison gates (Killer's Appeal a Disgrace ( Kathy Secker August 26).

Criminals can appeal against their sentence because voters allow councillors to rubber-stamp such policies. This is what their pencil-mark did.

Ultimately, voters must share the sense of disgrace.

ALAN SAVAGE, Cramlington.

City held up to ridicule

IN VIEW of the revelations by Coun Faulkner during a council meeting, I will be sending the following open letter to Coun Todd.

Dear Coun Todd, you have been at the forefront of a campaign that has attempted to make Newcastle and its residents a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the country. …

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