Coupon Book for UGa Students Draws Outrage for Alcohol, Bail Bond Specials; "I Just Got More and More Furious," Mother of Underage College Girl Says

Article excerpt


WINDER - Rebecca Williams' concerns about her college-age daughter's drinking have ebbed now that the University of Georgia sophomore moved back home to Winder.

But the shock of seeing a slew of alcohol specials and bail bond ads in a coupon book her underage daughter brought home with a pile of textbooks renewed Williams' frustration.

"I was disturbed," she said. "I just got more and more furious."

Williams' daughter, Susan Beitzell, said she received the free coupon book - "The Campus $pecial" - along with her textbook purchase at the Off Campus Bookstore on Baxter Street.

The book includes discount coupons and ads for alcohol specials such as $1 drinks at one bar, a free order of nachos with the purchase of a pitcher of beer at another, and 20 percent off at a bail bonds company.

"This is really discouraging ... to see students bombarded in the first week of class," said Pat Daugherty, UGa assistant vice president for student services, referring also to a number of articles this week in The Red & Black, the independent student newspaper, that she said promoted irresponsible and underage drinking.

"A lot of people have been working together very hard to make an impact," said Daugherty, who heads the Campus/Community Alcohol Coalition. …