Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

The Sixties Children Who Ruined My World

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

The Sixties Children Who Ruined My World

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BILL Clinton celebrated his 60 th birthday recently and I, like many people my age, was celebrating too. The post-war baby-boomer generation (of which he is the iconic figure) is at last old and will soon be dead, having done its best to ruin the world for those they'll leave behind.

The most useless, twofaced generation in history has caused all the major problems we face today.

Clinton was its epitome: a man who ignored the threat of al Qaeda because he was too busy with Monica Lewinsky.

Britain's own boomers have created a culture in which sentiment takes precedence over substance. Tony Blair and New Labour are just an expression of a society in which presenting oneself as a good person is more important than being one. New Labour was just guilt-ridden Thatcherism: a movement committed to market economics (because it works and socialism doesn't), but with a soppy gloss on it that wooed the tax-phobic, ex-hippy middle classes.

Boomer feminists created today's porno-culture, yet now abhor the overt sexuality of women. Their illconceived hatred of housewives and the desire to see them leave the kitchen for the workplace has destroyed the lives of women, who now do twice the work they did before. Did they really think men would start vacuuming and ironing the sheets?

Boomers destroyed music for generations to come. The cheesy nursery rhymes of The Beatles inspired an endless stream of geeks with guitars. Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand are a continuation of the lame, anodyne tradition started by Lennon and McCartney.

Boomer culture and drug-taking was seen as an expression of freedom, but now thousands of people each year succumb to cannabisinduced schizophrenia and Britain's inner-city poor are imprisoned on estates ruled by gunwielding crack lords.

Bob Geldof, a grade-A boomer, rants about the misery in Africa, but the only solution he provides is Live 8, by which a bunch of popstars boost their own fame and add to their fortunes. He wanted the event to "raise awareness" about Africa. But we're all aware that Mugabe is a murderous despot. It solves nothing. …

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