Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Illegal: Lipstick, Port and Jar of Piccalilli

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Illegal: Lipstick, Port and Jar of Piccalilli

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IT was lunchtime and the airport worker was sifting through a table full of discarded belongings - the sixth he had done that day.

Lipstick, bottled water, apple juice, wet wipes, mustard, piccalilli, even a bottle of Cockburn's port, all forbidden under the strict hand luggage rules.

The queue for the check-in counter at Heathrow's Terminal 4 offered its own testimony to the grim nature of the passenger's lot.

By midmorning the snaking queue was doubled back on itself twice, by lunchtime three times, by early afternoon four and still growing. How long people who were joining the end of the line would have to wait was anybody's guess but 40 minutes was probably a conservative estimate.

A woman from BA was patiently giving Shirley Davies the standard lecture on what she could and could not take on board: no gels, no pastes, no liquids.

She could have only one piece of hand baggage, which had to be small enough to fit into the special frames they had littered around the concourse.

Mrs Davies's bag did not fit. "It only missed it by a couple of inches," she said, a crestfallen look crossing her weary features. It was the fleece that did for her: a red and white one, Liverpool colours for her football-mad nephew, and just one of the presents she was taking on her family holiday to Mauritius.

"I hope that when my son comes I will be able to get it into one of his bags," said Mrs Davies, 66, a retired nurse from Wrexham. "There's no room in mine."

At least Mrs Davies had the benefit of being warned well in advance about the new rules. But for passengers changing planes at Heathrow the regulations often come as a surprise. Emily Aliyeva Handed in: table of banned gels, pastes and liquids at Terminal 4 was putting a brave face on the fact that her wedding dress was not where it belonged, in a bag by her side, but somewhere in the hold of the plane she was about to catch. …

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