Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Fear of Jury Duty - Can It Really Be Called a Phobia?

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Fear of Jury Duty - Can It Really Be Called a Phobia?

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Byline: Rich Ray

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Professor Grayson Psychology in Practice

Troianne Grayson is a professor of psychology and human development at FCCJ-South Campus. In his most reason column, "Can Fear of Jury Duty be Considered a Phobia?" he writes, "You go to the mailbox and there it is, one of the most dreaded pieces of mail: jury duty summons. You have a brief moment of panic, then annoyance that fades into resignation. You reason with yourself that jury duty is a part of living in a democratic society and resolve to make the best of it. However, some people never quite make it past the panic phase."

Rev. Thomas R. Fuller Preacher Feature

An ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, Tom has served rural, inner-city and suburban congregations in both Ohio and Florida. In "The Best Defense" he writes, "It's always a great thing to have a good defense. But it's the offense that scores the points. Sadly, a lot of what we Christians do is defense. We hunker down in our churches and whine about how bad things are. We hide out and pout. We ask for God's protection, and then are surprised when the problems we never really did anything about come knocking on our door."

George "ClownLotion" Vanterpool Gaming

In his review of Capcom's recently released Dead Rising video game, George notes that a lack of a multiplayer keeps the game from becoming truly outstanding. Read the full review and make sure to click through George's column archive for more gaming-related views and reviews.

Louis William Rose A Few Comments if You Don't Mind

This week, local writer, poet, and singer Louis shares his view's about musical artist Pink's rendition of Dear Mr. President, which was recorded live on stage in New York City.

Scarlet Scarlet's Rhymes

Scarlet keeps running into rude people and wonders why they act that way. Is it just instinct? Or, could it be stupidity? Read her poetic thoughts in "Rude or Stupid??"

Andy Hefty Don't Get Me Started

Since the mid-term political election season has begun in earnest, Andy has some advice for Democrats, Republicans and voters. He also provides some "spouting" as well.

Mallory Graves Community Matters

Beach resident and UNF student Mallory offers her takes on "community" in "Taking a Dip in the Community Ink." She writes, "This 'community' catchphrase has saved me on many occasions. I automatically feel more spruced up, like there's been this invisible halo of goodness above my head that I had failed to mention."

Kel Kendrick Kel's Television Jax

Kel has big news for TV Sci-Fi fans as the Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who return dates have been set. Kel also discusses some choice programming that's scheduled to air soon, including the return of Prison Break. …

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