FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY; Team Has Avoided Off-Field Distractions

Article excerpt

Byline: W.D. Rodeffer

Well, I have to be honest, when the Nassau Neighbors called me to do College Smackdown this year, I had to weigh the pros and cons. No, I am not talking about the number of former 'Noles in the NFL to the number in the state prison system. I really had to do some catching up because I had been fishing all summer. I really had not heard much from Tallahassee.

Was the silence a good thing? No police reports, no extensive media coverage. The polls showed the three teams - FSU, UF and UGa - all over the top 25. So, would I want to deal with another season of ups and downs and the chance of taking another thrashing from UF? That decision probably was easier for Eric, whose article started with the basketball season. It is fun to watch a school that is not used to winning celebrate like it is never going to win again. Anyway, I just could not miss the opportunity to mess with the guys one more time. Personally, not much has changed besides a little less hair and less air in the tires of the wheelbarrow after Eric's victory lap.

As for the silence from Tallahassee or, as I like to call it, the calm before the storm: FSU has managed to avoid off-the-field distractions and major injuries while returning the core of last year's team. …


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