Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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Acklington Mart

September 21

North-East Livestock Sales sold 83 prime cattle,140 OTM, 3,758 sheep comprising 2,632 lambs and 1,126 cast ewes.

Less stock forward due to movement restrictions but vendors present were rewarded with a sharper trade.

Cattle: More commercial sorts forwarded but met another lively trade to average 119.6p overall.

Lim Strs 133.5p 129.5p (2) 128.5p 126.5p(2) Tritlington Hall; 132.5p 128.5p North Swinhoe; 131.5p(2) Widdrington. Blonde Strs: 129.5p 128.5p 127.5p North Rennington; 122.5p Middle Cawledge Park. Char Strs: 129.5p 127.5p Newsteads; 121.5p 120.5p East Trewick.

Blonde Hfrs 129.5p(2) 124.5p Henlaw. Bel Hfrs: 126.5p 125.5p 124.5p Herds House. Sim Hfrs: 122.5p(2) Eslington. Charolais Strs: 936, 928 East Trewick, 886, 842, 828 Newsteads, 283, 852, 815 Highlaws. Lim Strs: 802 North Swinhoe; Tritlington. Blonde Strs: 808 Middle Cawledge Park. Sim Hfrs: 735 Eslington, 686, 667 Henlaw. Lim Bulls 901, 803 Annstead; 810 Henlaw.

Lambs ( A good show eagerly bid for to average 110p and pounds 47.80 overall. Texels: 65.50, 55.50 Castle Hills; 61.50 Fenham Hill; 58,57, 53.60 Brinkburn New Houses; 57, 54 Swarland Old Hall; 55.20, 53.80 Sunniside (Knitsley); 54 Donkin Rigg, 53.50 The Monk.

Suffolks (mule): 59, 52.20 Great Tosson; 55.80 The Brocks; 54.80, 54.60 Great Bavington; 53.20 Black Heddon; 53 Witton Dene; 52.80(2) Eglingham Demesne. Charolais: 57 South Carter Moor; 54.80 Boulmer; 53.60 North End; 53 Riplington.

Beltex: 55.50 Hemelspeth; 54.40 Thrunton; 54, 53.50 Annstead; 52 Garden Cottage.

HBx: 53.80 Reaveley; 53.50 Southside; 52.80 East Trewick; 52.20 Glanton. Cheviots 53 Cornhills. Mules: 47.50, 43 Alnham; 43 Westcliffe. Beltex: 129p 125p Annstead; 127p 119p Garden Cottage; 125p Beal Bank; 122p Herds House; 120p 117p Glanton, 118p Hemelspeth.

Texels: 133p 122p Westcliffe; 125p 119p Castle Hills; 124p 115p Stanton; 122p Baldersbury Hill; 117p 115p Lemmington Hill Head; 117p Black Heddon; 116p (2) Corneyside; 115p High Trewhitt, Brinkburn New Houses.

Charolais: 119p South Carter Moor; Pasture House; 117p Beal Bank; Witton Dene. Vendeen, 117p North Swinhoe. HBx: 117p Fenham Hill, High Learchild. Suffolk: 116p 114p Heckley High House; 116p Baldersbury Hill; 115p Longlea; 112p Riplington. Cheviots: 116p Castle Farm. Mules: 106p East Bolton; 105p(2) Alnham; 104p Low Hall.

Cast Ewes: Quality flesh and strength, again a great trade also feeding sorts.

Suffolks: 60 East Trewick; 50 Low Town; 49.50, 49, 45 Newry; 49.50, 47 Whittle; 49, 45.80 Yetlington. Texels: 55, 45 Halton Red House; 49.50, 46 Flagstaff; 49, 45 Whittle. HB: 60 Low Town; 49 (2) , 44 Elilaw; 47, 44 Cornhills. B d'Maine: 49 Newry; 45, 44 Castle Hills.

Ch: 46.50 South Carter Moor; 46 Tritlington Hall. Cheviot x: 45 South Clarewood. …

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