Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Just What the Doctor Ordered; PREVIEW

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Just What the Doctor Ordered; PREVIEW

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AS WE know by now, the way that criminal psychologist Dr Tony Hill solves matters are usually pretty quirky.

"So you'll look at the crime scene, apply a bit of esoteric theory and tell us who did it?" snaps DI Jan Shields tonight when Hill muscles in on her case.

And she's not far wrong.

Okay, she's missed out the bit where he scribbles things on a whiteboard, mutters a few key words and (possibly) spins himself round in his swivel chair. But then, she doesn't know him like we do - this is the first time they've worked together.

The case involves a serial killer who is going round the city picking up prostitutes, getting them to play some tying-up games and then inflicting multiple wounds so they bleed to death.

This is not for the squeamish (and this series loves to show us the gore) but the peculiar thing about the killings is that they're exactly the same as those carried out by criminal madman Derek Tyler four years earlier.

However, Tyler is still locked up in a high-security mental unit, so it couldn't be him - could it?

Hill swings into action. But can his methods be any better than ordinary police work? (If you answer anything other than "yes", you haven't been watching.) Despite a few loose ends, this storyline is better than most - probably because it's based on the excellent novel The Torment Of Others by Val McDermid.

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