Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Tech Notes

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Tech Notes

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Byline: By Herb Kim

The biggest technology "boxing match" since Betamax vs VHS is getting under way ( but both contestants are in the blue corner.

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are the two biggest formats in the next generation of optical discs and players (think better quality, bigger capacity DVDs and players). They both use a blue laser, which lets them read more data than the red one used today.

Either format will let you watch DVDs on high definition (HD) TV sets, which provide clearer, more vivid and impressive images and audio.

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are battling it out to become the format to plump for before people start buying in droves.

HD-DVD is the official successor to DVD, which could mean consumers will trust it more ( discs are quicker and cheaper to manufacture for HD-DVD, and unlike Blu-Ray, are all backwardly compatible with current CDs and DVDs (although most Blu-Ray players will be backwardly compatible too).

But Blu-Ray discs hold up to 200 gigabytes against 90 for HD-DVDs ( hugely important for the videogames industry. …

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