Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

All-Girl Jacksonville Band Really Rocks

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

All-Girl Jacksonville Band Really Rocks

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Byline: Laura Capitano

Finally! I have a reason you to use the term eroto-metal.

"Sultry gothpunk eroto-metal" to be specific - that's what it says in Jacksonville band Rubbing Down Debbie's MySpace headline.

RDD's MySpace page is one you should visit. Had I not seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed Jacksonville was home to a five-piece all-girl metal band with an ultra-hot lead vocalist. I'm telling you, rummaging through our city's social candy dish turns up some tasty nuggets now and then.

And, if you happen to be into loud, fast, insane punk rock, and girls who look like they put their cigarettes out on their tongues, their show is one you should see.

With original music and an extreme look, RDD is making its mark on the local scene. The group's 10-song LP, which is in the L7/Hole/Bikini Kill vein, is out and has one fantastic piece of cover art: a profile sketch of a naked lady playing a guitar. It's suggestive without being obscene - much like the band itself.

My first RDD experience was the band's Aug. 19 Psycho Beach Party show at Jack Rabbits. They played first in a lineup of four bands - not ideal placement, but the girls did attract a decent-size crowd to fist-pump along with them. It was easily the biggest crowd I've seen for the 8 p.m. slot there, and I'm a Rabbits regular.

RDD deserves a crowd: They aren't just musicians, they pay attention to the performance details that give a band its flair. They played to the beach party theme with painted palm trees, cast nets covering their amps, and bikinis worn over their body stockings with combat boots or hibiscus print thrift dresses.

Plus, their promotional posters for the show made good use of the obligatory beach blanket "Everyone gets leid" joke.

Lead singer Barbie (not a joke) has the vampy personal style it takes to command a group like this. …

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