Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Chalet Girls on Slippery Slope; PREVIEW

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Chalet Girls on Slippery Slope; PREVIEW

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From Ladette Lady 9pm ITV1

SO FAR my favourite girl has been the gloriously outrageous Louise (and, yes, amazing she's still in). But tonight, a new favourite emerges in this annoyingly likeable reality nonsense the unlikely form of tomboy Clara.

that's not the only surprise. The six remaining girls, instead of being loud and rude, suddenly start trying to be the best at good manners and cooking skills.

What on earth has come over them?

The chance to win a trip abroad, that's what. The three girls will join an upmarket chalet-girl firm and off to Verbier in Switzerland. And they are all desperate to win.

Which is a bit of a cruel trick, because none of them twigs that "chalet girl" is a posh term for "skivvy".

upper-crust woman from agency interviews them, asking questions such as: "How long do you boil an egg?" and "Are you a binge drinker?" (to which Clara replies "occasionally, but not all the time" - an answer that scores high for honesty and very, very high for stupidity).

The woman's verdict on the girls? "This has been a very, very difficult decision because, in all honesty, we wouldn't have taken any of you." But three of them are bundled off to the peaks while the other three get to do extra classes in deportment and flower-arranging. Whoopee.

Then the programme settles down into its predictable (but entertaining) routine of putting the girls through challenges, so they can look good, before placing temptation in their way usually in the form of alcohol.

Or men.

Or, in the case of one ladette tonight, both.

The Blunkett Tapes 9pm, Channel 4

During his eight years in the Cabinet, David Blunkett kept a diary of recordings chronicling the ups and downs of his career.

This documentary uses the tapes give an insight into the workings the New Labour Government. There are also interviews with Blunkett former Cabinet colleagues Tessa Jowell and Estelle Morris.

The two-parter (concluding next Monday) covers the run-up to the Iraq conflict, the impact of 9/11 and Blunkett's two departures from Whitehall - the second, in 2005, after an affair with magazine publisher Kimberly Quinn. …

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