Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

College Smackdown; Bummed Blabbing at a Blowout

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

College Smackdown; Bummed Blabbing at a Blowout

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Byline: W.D. Rodeffer

Yeah, we won. We're great. Everything is back on track. We really showed those guys.

My wife Carla always tells me you can't write sarcasm. I beg to differ. Anything I write about FSU's performance these past few weeks truly should be read as sarcastic. I guess I shouldn't be so critical, we did actually show signs of an offense, something I was sure we had done away with. When Tommy Bowden said last week he was done kicking extra points and field goals, I felt we should have said we were giving up on having an offense squad altogether, just give the ball back to the other team. Why we waited until the fourth game of the year, I will only have to wonder. They did have two-a-day and preseason practices in Tallahassee this year, didn't they? I know being a part of the Smackdown crew I am supposed to abuse other teams, but I believe it shows good character and strength to take jabs at my own team. I kind of have to because Eric doesn't do that great of a job at picking on FSU (just kidding).

This week I went by to see one of my good friends and fellow Seminole, Ed Wilson, for some much needed therapy. Trying to make sense of what was happening and what was not happening like some demotions on the coaching staff, he shared with me something I found very interesting about Miami that I hadn't heard. Some of the former Miami players were actually calling the current players and scolding them for destroying the program they had built. I have never heard of this being done but after thinking about it, what better way to motivate a team. So often when players get down, they give up on the team and coaches, so I can't think of anyone else better to help get these alleged "superstars" back to reality.

While I didn't make any phone calls of my own, I do feel a little less guilty about bashing my alma mater for destroying a great program. There are several reasons why I don't travel over to Tallahassee to watch most of the games - Interstate 10 is one of the most boring roads in America; getting severely distracted in the varsity club and missing most of the action; but, most of all, it's the unpredictability of FSU. It is so much easier and safer sitting in my living room and being able to absorb everything that is happening.

The only downside to this is usually the commentators. I'm not sure what it takes to qualify for this position, but it can't be much. I am sure it is difficult to find things to talk about in a blowout, plus you have to be a little bummed you don't get to call a bigger game, but the stuff they chose to blab about was just ridiculous. It was just amusing how they try to make a big deal out of nothing. For those of you who did get to watch the game, I'm referring to them trying to make an issue out of the quarterbacks being changed in and out, trying to say that it was causing a quarterback controversy. …

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