North Today: Accused 'Sickened by News of Attack' Knowledge 'Came from Media Coverage'

Article excerpt

Byline: By Hilary Clixby

THE MAN accused of raping a six-year-old girl after snatching her from her bath told detectives his only knowledge of the attack came from media coverage, a court heard yesterday.

Peter Voisey is alleged to have abducted the girl from her North Tyneside home on December 27 last year, driving off with her in a car and molesting her twice before abandoning her in a back lane.

In a summary of the police interviews read to the jury at Newcastle Crown Court, Voisey told officers although he knew the area where the attack took place, he had no friends or associates there and couldn't remember when he was last there.

Asked what he knew about the offence under investigation, he said: "Just like I say, what I've heard in the papers and the telly and it's a young girl that's been snatched out of her bath and dumped a few streets away."

Voisey, from 23rd Avenue, Blyth, Northumberland, said he had read the majority of the articles printed about the abduction in the Evening Chronicle which he had delivered daily at the time.

"I wouldn't say it interested me, but it's just been all over, the Chronicle was full of it for quite a few days, there were pages of it," Voisey told officers.

"I mean to be honest with you, I don't like reading anything like that. The thought of what happened sickens me to the guts.

"I know there's a lot of nasty people in the world but when someone's in their own home, you would think they were safe, she must have been terrified. I think it's terrible, I really do." Voisey had confirmed he had at the time been driving a borrowed Vauxhall Astra car which had since been scrapped after the tax ran out and it had been involved in a collision. …


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