Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Living Interview: Getting Fit

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Living Interview: Getting Fit

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Byline: Jack Walton

IN THIS, the third of your fortnightly columns with personal trainer Jack Walton, of Functional Trainer, we will progress further with designing your programme and discuss the Reasons to Walk and all the benefits associated with this great way of increasing vitality. There are more than you may think ...

If you caught the last column you will have hopefully begun to think about your health and fitness with more confidence.

From out of the confusion of all the advice, fads and gimmicks out there, we must begin to think of our training in a functional way.

What do you need to be able to do to function for daily activities? Is your existing exercise programme functional? What is functional training anyway? Is it just yet another fad?

Typically, as human beings, we need to be able to effectively walk, push, pull, bend, twist and move in all planes or directions.

When designing your programme, we start with function and develop from there. If we develop without function, then we are likely to get injured or never reach our potential physically or mentally.

It is surprising how many people cannot perform all these movement patterns pain free with sufficient strength, range and control. Therefore you must train them ... it is what we are designed to do.

For your safety, always seek advice from an exercise specialist before embarking on a new exercise programme.

The aimof this column is not to target detailed programmes for you to do. Due to the specific nature of training and the approach at Functional Trainer, the aim is to provide another outlook and approach to health and fitness that educates the individual about their body.

Exercising becomes relevant to life and more enjoyable and sustainable. The training you do should make sense and this is something that sometimes goes missing within the industry. …

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