Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Is It the End of the Primera?

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Is It the End of the Primera?

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Byline: By Steve Hughes

The world of public relations is a flight of fancy in which only good things ever happen and reality is a fantasy.

Public relations people 'take the shilling' to portray any picture that their masters demand, working on the age-old principle of never letting the facts stand in the way of a good story.

Nissan is a prime example. The company announces its new models with a fanfare and goes to the most extraordinary lengths to ensure as much publicity as possible.

They launched one of the earlier Primeras to the European Press in South Africa for no apparent reason other than it was a jolly jaunt.

I can remember Table Top Mountain but not much about the car, such was its blandness, although to be fair it was a truly excellent product.

Not so the current model, which is just plug ugly. I can't remember where it was launched, although it may have been Spain, but I can remember my horror when we first came face to face.

It was worse than looking in the mirror, almost.

The car reminded me of the runt of a litter of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and I just could not understand how anyone in their right mind could have possibly decided that of all the designs in all the world this was the one to go for.

With the exception of Nissan's PR machine and the dealers unfortunate enough to have had to sell it I have never met anyone who thinks otherwise.

Now I learn that this unloved family saloon is to quietly disappear.

No announcement from the company, no reassurance for the tens of thousands of owners worried about possible servicing implications when news leaks out, just a stony silence.

Apparently just 9,000 Primeras will be registered in the UK this year, which is a third of those registered 10 years ago.

There may be the best reasons in the world for ditching a car that has become a household name but should we not be told? …

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