Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

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9pm, Channel 4

The problem with Big Brother - oh, all right, then, one of the many problems with Big Brother - is that the arguments between housemates are completely vacuous. If only they had a properly meaty issue to debate.

With this new reality show (the US version of which has already been a huge hit) the contestants definitely have something to talk about: one of them could take home a million-pound prize.

Imagine the isolation of Big Brother and the set of the Crystal Maze and you'll start to get the idea. Nine people (right) enter an underground bunker; they cannot see daylight so lose all idea of time.

The contestants are told that the cash will be awarded if they can decide unanimously which one of them deserves it. To pile on the pressure, when they first fail to make a unanimous decision, the prize money starts to count down by a pound every second.

Voting takes place each episode, alongside the choosing of an "outcast", who can no longer win but still gets to vote. Cruel.

But what will get us hooked on Unanimous? It isn't nightly, like Big Brother, but chopped into weekly episodes. Will we forget who we love and hate while waiting for the next show?

At least in this opening episode, the producers have added a twist to get us more interested in the participants. Personal secrets are revealed: one of the nine has been banned from a town centre and another changed their name to get out of paying a debt.

The Real Cost of Divorce

7pm, BBC2

Not all marital separations attract as much media attention - or, indeed, involve as many millions - as the current disagreement (to put it mildly) between Sir Paul McCartney (left) and his soon-to-be-ex-missus Heather.

However, high-profile splits have resulted in some whopping settlements and a booming British divorce industry.

Here, Max Flint looks back at recent, headlinegrabbing cases, asking whether the trend for multi-millionpound settlements is likely to set a precedent in the courts. …

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