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I know the topic has been covered, but this space is called 2 cents, and I want to put in mine.

Enough already with these late-starting, slow-moving baseball playoff games.

I love baseball, but I never knew that a 4-2 National League game could take 3 hours and 26 minutes to play until I watched Tuesday night's New York Mets-St. Louis Cardinals tilt. Well, I should say I watched some of the game. All the delays drove me so crazy that I kept switching channels to watch more Law and Order reruns than baseball.

Yes, I know all the reasons baseball playoff games are slower - tense situations, more visits to the mound and batters stepping out of the box, not to mention increased television commercials - but if MLB is serious about using its prime-time showcases to draw fans, it needs to address the time issue. The NCAA did it for football games, and despite coaches' complaints about fewer plays and less scoring, I believe the new rules have worked out fine.

I understand that baseball is different than football, because unlike the latter, it's dependent on balls and strikes more than minutes and seconds. However, if the MLB bigwigs, team owners and players could agree on some rule changes - perhaps applying basketball's 10-second rule on free-throw attempts to pitchers throwing toward a base or home plate - those 4-2 games could dip under three hours.

I know it won't happen. But it should.


Jim Sutton's fishing forecast runs every Thursday on this page, but because I'm not an angler, I never fully understood what some of its contents meant. To me, a jig was a dance, and a shiner was a superb-tasting beer brewed in Texas.

But that all changed Monday morning. For the first time in my life, I went fishing.

OK, I had gone once before, but that was 12 years ago. Then, I only lasted 10 minutes because a bee stung my hand. This time, however, I was in it for the long haul. …

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