Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

London's Favourite Films

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

London's Favourite Films

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MARIE ANTOINETTE 12A, 123 minutes, Dir: Sofia Coppola This light-hearted and colourful portrayal of the French queen's life, right up until the hordes came knocking at her door, looks more like Versailles 90210 than a historical drama. Kirsten Dunst plays the eponymous heroine as a shopping-and-sex fixated American stranded in France rather than as a child queen torn from her family at the age of 14. Still, while it really has very little plot, it does at least look good.

THE DEPARTED 18, 150 minutes, Dir: Martin Scorsese Scorsese returns with a superb rethink of Hong Kong hit Infernal Affairs. Now it's Jack Nicholson who's the gang boss and Matt Damon who has been trained from boyhood to lie for him - most recently as a Boston policeman. But the police have their own mole, a nervy Leonardo DiCaprio, buried in Nicholson's gang, and the race is on to bury the other guy before he gets to you. Great cameos from the likes of Ray Winstone, Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen.

A GOOD YEAR 12A, 118 minutes, Ridley Scott Russell Crowe plays a highflying City exec who inherits a big old place in Provence. He heads over with the intention of flogging it but soon becomes entranced by the area and the rather lovely Marion Cotillard.

Should he go or should he stay?

Ridley Scott directs this ravishinglooking film, while Crowe lays on the charm.

RED ROAD 18, 113 minutes Dir: Andrea Arnold Arnold's feature debut is a corker set on a Glaswegian housing estate. That may not sound promising but the story is riveting, the acting first-rate and the script gleams with invention and wit. It's the first instalment of three films from this director, so don't hang about: hit the road, Jack.

THE LAST KISS 15, 115 minutes, Dir: Tony Goldwyn Zach Braff plays the central character in this "Dear God, I'm nearly 30" freak-out film. Braff displays a rare ability to make us relate to the traditional pariah role of a cheating, blame-laying boyfriend and Goldwyn's direction is sensitive, never glossing over the flaws of his characters.

SAW III 18, 107 minutes, Dir: Darren Lyn Bousman In this third instalment of this gruesome horror series Jigsaw/John (Tobin Bell), whose condition has worsened since the events of Saw II, gets loyal protegee Amanda (Shawnee Smith) to kidnap and force a doctor (Bahar Soomekh) to alleviate some of his more outwardly crippling symptoms. …

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