Monty Don Digs Up Dark Past of Drugs and Theft Firm

Article excerpt


CELEBRITY gardener Monty Don has admitted using drugs, shoplifting and sniffing glue.

The 51-year-old "green guru" makes the extraordinary confession in the new series of his BBC show, Growing Out Of Trouble.

In the programme tonight, the father-of-three aims to help seven heroin addicts avoid a criminal lifestyle, and admits: "I was in trouble as a young child aged six until I was 18. I was in trouble all the time.

"I was expelled from two schools. I used to shoplift, I used to glue sniff.

"Like everybody I knew, we took drugs and we drank too much. If I hadn't come from a nice, middleclass home I'd have been in Borstal. I pretty much know where these of the human mind to selfdeceive is unlimited." But Ms Jowell admitted last month that the cost of the event to the taxpayer was likely to rise by [pounds sterling]900 million to [pounds sterling]3.3billion. The overall cost is said to be more than [pounds sterling]6billion.

The clock gaffe in Stratford comes as the residents of Newham were branded the couch potatoes of London in the most comprehensive survey ever conducted of participation in sport. …


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