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Some might see Bo Schembechler's death as some sort of sign that reflects on today's Michigan-Ohio State game; that Michigan might play harder or that there could be an emotional toll.

But I hope that everyone, especially ESPN, sees Schembechler's death as a lesson. That fans and writers and television producers realize that what happens on the football field in Columbus doesn't really matter.

Miami fans, myself included, got a sad reminder of what does and doesn't matter when Bryan Pata was shot and killed. The Hurricanes' season was -- and is -- disappointing, but I'll never call it tragedy.

The media, and most notably ESPN, have pumped up this game to ludicrous proportions, terming the game "Judgment Day." First off, that's a stupid name. Second, it's offensive in the sense that is puts so much weight on a football game.

I'm thinking that ESPN/ABC will drop the moniker now that Schembechler has died.

And hopefully everyone in Columbus will be a bit more calm and staid today in general.

Football is fun, frustrating and a bunch other adjectives that gives fans a reason to watch, but a loss is never tragic, a player's on-the-field actions are never heroic and the game itself never means as much as we think it does.


Yesterday's Times-Union had a story about how to make an apology (Apparently some moms didn't school their kids properly. Mine did. Thanks, mom) but it didn't include the apologies we really wanted to see. Here are some apologies we'd like to hear.

"Sorry I coached like Nero governed." -- Miami coach Larry Coker.

"Sorry for being the Daniel Baldwin of the family." (soon to be former) Florida State offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden.

"Sorry I smacked your hand with my chin, coach." -- Texas Tech basketball player Michael Prince (above right, with coach Bob Knight)


''When you sign at Texas Tech, when he recruited you, you knew there was a chance you could get slapped. …

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