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T-YOU; Everyone's a Critic

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Everyone's a Critic

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So you think Matt Soergel must be on a Sno-cap sugar high when he sees films? Everyone's a Critic lets you play movie reviewer. Here's what "regular folks" think of movies currently playing at the multiplex.

Bobby - I wasn't even born during the time this movie takes place, but it stirs your emotions. Written by Emilio Estevez, the varied, interwoven storylines leading up to the tragic evening illustrate that Robert F. Kennedy brought hope during a troubled time. The most powerful, memorable part is the actual footage; the words in his speeches speak for themselves.

Ellen Lord, 37, Southside

Bobby - Heartbreaking, deeply affecting, rekindling long-ago idealistic dreams for a better world that seemed within reach, channeled through the aspirations, intelligence and humanitarianism of Bobby Kennedy. This wonderful film uniquely and brilliantly recreates that elusive "what could have been." Subsequently, our goal is to establish like-minded political icons in positions of future power, thus transforming "what could have been" into an essential, necessary, reality.

Ellen Weiss, 71, Orange Park

Deja Vu - It is just that to those who've seen numerous other time-travel films. But the always charismatic Denzel Washington and the slam-bang direction of Tony Scott keep the audience from wondering whether any of this makes any sense. Too bad that Scott and the screenwriters apparently broke the rules of their own strained premise to deliver a crowd-pleasing finale.

Arnie Harris, 58, Lawtey

Deja Vu - Other than the fact that the big plot twist "revealed" in the middle of the movie had been given away in the trailers, and time travel paradoxes ALWAYS make a story nonsensical by its conclusion, this film clearly outpoints The Lake House in this year's Time Warp Sweepstakes. Denzel Washington is in his element in this role, and newcomer Paula Patton is great, plus the suspense is steadfastly maintained throughout, so its current success is well earned. …

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