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Have any of us stopped talking and really listened to ourselves when arguing about the Bowl Championship Series?

Style points. Re-matches ... or not. Strength of schedule. The politics of coaches lobbying for their team. Harris Poll voters whose ballots look like they allowed the family dog to rank the top 25.

Every argument on those issues - pro and con - is, by definition, an illogical argument, because the system is wholly illogical - as is any system that does not decide the national champion on the basis of games played on the field through a playoff system.

Until that happens, the arguments are fruitless, futile and foolish.

Don't waste a lot of energy on it. Just take a deep breath and hope the best team wins in the end, or at least the bowl games are entertaining.

Some years, the best team wins. Other years, the best team might not even get a crack at the No. 1-vs.-No. 2 game.

Some years, we never really know.


It's over, as far as I'm concerned.

After many suggestions on talk radio and game-day stadium signs, the best nickname for Jaguars rookie sensation Maurice Jones-Drew is "Mo Jo-D." Feel free to fiddle around with the exact spelling. Some of you might prefer "Mo-Jo D."

It's short and to the point ... sort of like a quick burst up the middle by the running back/return specialist who should be the rookie of the year but likely will fall victim to the entitlement program known as the Reggie Bush Hype Machine.

At least Drew also has a decent nickname, which has been lacking among Jaguars players in the past. Some of the better examples:

-- Fred Taylor: "Freddie T" is the usual moniker for the veteran running back. With his resurgent season at the age of 30, could we please retire "Fragile Freddie?"

-- Tony Brackens: For his tendency to loaf in many games but look like the second coming of Deacon Jones during Monday night, the playoffs or other high-profile games, Brackens was dubbed by the media as "TV Tony."

-- Jimmy Smith (left): One look at the retired wide receiver's elegant gait down the field to gather in a long pass made his nickname of "J Smooth" easy to fathom. …

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