Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Hit the Road with 'Ridge Racer'

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Hit the Road with 'Ridge Racer'

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A familiar sight at most console launches is Ridge Racer. It was there for PlayStation 2 (RR5), Xbox 360 (RR6) and, now, PlayStation 3 with Ridge Racer 7. It's basically the same game for each system, with a slightly different look each time.

What they're selling: From Namco - "Customize the perfect racing machine and pull beside the best players in the world online."

What we're telling: You probably won't pull beside them for long. You'll be lucky to keep up after the first few turns.

Nut graph: Ridge Racer is all about drifting . . . tap the brakes and coast sideways through a turn at high speed. It's an acquired taste . . . you might as well be racing in alien rocketships as automobiles for all the basis it has in reality, but the cars and tracks look great.

Winning races is a balance between drifting through turns to build up a nitrous boost and using that boost down the straightaways. Hitting it right is a definite feel-good moment.

Reasons to smile: Customizable cars with enough options to make it interesting. . . . Decent online play. . . . Total of 22 different courses.

Reason to growl: Shadows can be misleading, and they are all over some of the courses.


Rating: **1/2 (2 1/2 stars)

System: PlayStation 3.

Price: $60.

Family guide: Rated E. Mild language and mild suggestive themes, whatever that means.



'MADDEN 2007'

Rating: *** (3 stars)

System: Every console known to man.

Nut graph: Offers nothing special for the PlayStation 3 version, although much sharper graphics than the PS2. The gameplay is almost exactly the same, so if you're used to this sort of thing, then you'll have no problem figuring out a couple of extra moves using the SIXAXIS controller. For some people, this is a must-have game for any system, and it doesn't disappoint, although it's not groundbreaking, either. …

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