Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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Can I be the first to congratulate Australia on the whitewash of England's sorry excuse for a cricket team. I enjoyed every minute.

A A, Longbenton.

OBESITY, it has been suggested, should be classed as a disability. Amazing.

Apart from a few who have a disability which causes them to get excessively fat, for the rest of the people the word obesity needs to be linked with over-indulgent, overeating and greed. If people adjust their food intake they would not be so fat. Just eat to live, not live to eat.

D R, Gateshead.

I WOULD just like to say to A S of Cramlington, both of my grandfathers worked down the pit. One of them worked there until six weeks before he died of cancer, aged 54. None of them were slackers.

H W, Stanley.

I PAY full rent and council tax and have lived in Fawdon a long time. I find 80% of the people here are salt of the earth, decent folk who are desperate to keep the town clean and a good place to live.

The local housing office does its best and is upgrading properties and the results are brilliant. However, we seem to have council tenants who don't give a damn. They have noisy dogs, rubbish is thrown into the streets, three-piece suites are dumped and the communal areas like stairs are left like a war zone. I like Fawdon. I like the people here. But I hate the graffiti and the fly-tipping, so please, people of Fawdon, let's make this suburb a good place to live and let's take pride in it.

A S, Fawdon.

REGARDING a letter in the Chronicle about working tax credits, last year when I was on holiday I had pounds 6,000 put into my bank. I begged them to take it back and they said I was entitled to it. They kept paying it in until the end of the tax year. I now owe pounds 9,000 which I am having to pay back at pounds 40 a month and it will take me 20 years to pay it off. My mistake was not taking the person's name who said it was my money. I just want to warn everybody else to be sure that they are entitled to it. …

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