Shad Enters Drug Assessment Program; the City Councilman Has a "Dependency" on Pain Killers

Article excerpt


Jacksonville City Councilman Art Shad announced Friday he is entering an assessment program over the weekend to deal with a "dependency" on pain killers.

Shad has needed increasing dosages of Vicodin and Ultram to manage the pain stemming from lower back surgery two years ago, according to public relations executive Michael Munz, who was retained by Shad on Friday.

Munz said Shad didn't feel comfortable taking the amount of medication that he needed to have "a sense of mobility" and deal with the pain. Shad decided to seek help about two days ago after consulting with his family, friends and doctors, Munz said.

Shad chose to enter treatment now in part because the council is on a break until the beginning of the year, Munz said.

Munz said the pills were prescribed by Shad's doctors, but he wouldn't identify them.

The five-to-10-day assessment program will help Shad determine how much medication he needs to manage the pain, Munz said. He wouldn't name the center but confirmed that it's out of state.

Shad did not return calls to his home and cell phones Friday.

A Republican representing council District 5 on the Southside, Shad is finishing his first four-year term in office. …


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