Pioneer Sonal Puts Record Doctorate to Work

Article excerpt

A YOUNG lecturer is forging links between Newcastle and India after becoming Northumbria University's first doctor of business administration.

Dr Sonal Minocha, who leads the masters in international business administration programme at Newcastle Business School completed her part-time DBA in record time - a whole year ahead of schedule.

She recently collected the DBA award at a Newcastle City Hall ceremony.

The 27-year-old arrived at the school in 2001 after completing her first degree at Delhi University.

She signed up for the masters in international business administration course at NBS, the programme she now runs, after finding out about the course at a British Council fair in Delhi. Having graduated with a distinction, she was offered the chance to study the DBA.

"I was all set to go home and had even booked my return ticket to India, but I realised what a fantastic opportunity the DBA was to continue my studies at NBS," she said.

"Needless to say, I cancelled my flight and haven't looked back since. It was definitely the right move. It's been an intensive four years, but all the sweat and toil has been worthwhile. …