Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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It is now many years since judges at the Nuremberg trials ruled that conscience is a higher authority than obedience.

The ruling was a historical landmark because millions of people across the world faced persecution in the hands of others who blindly kowtowed to someone else's belief.

The most important human right we have is undeniably the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. If it is to make any sense we must think very carefully before engaging in dialogue.

However, how certain are we that our thoughts are really our own and not the beliefs of our friends, neighbours and relatives? Moreover, if there is to be an uprising with people demanding a change in legislation to ensure victims of crime are afforded greater rights than offenders, how might this work in practice if a percentage of victims will undoubtedly have at least one proverbial skeleton in the cupboard?

If I swindled a pensioner out of his or her life-savings, and a year later was crippled by a drunk-driver, hand on heart, who could say that I was more morally upstanding and deserving of greater rights than the drunk-driver? Tricky eh?

A S, Cramlington.

I VISITED Blyth beach at the weekend and enjoyed all the new seats and work that the workmen have done near the fish and chip shop.

Unfortunately, just before I was ready to leave a man turned up and fed the pigeons and the birds.

All that muck on those lovely seats that we could enjoy in the nice summer weather! I think it's a disgrace and notices should be put up not just for litter. But please do not feed the birds!

SC, Gosforth, Newcastle.

IN 1974 the then Conservative Government decided to make Monmouthshire part of Wales.

This was done without a referendum or any consultation with the people of Monmouthshire.

In May this year the English Democrats shall be challenging the Conservatives for Monmouthshire with the aim of giving it back to England. …

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